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Backstage Access Seminar  Theatre Alberta

Connecting events and entertainment industry professionals in Alberta and beyond.

March 4-5
Edmonton Alberta


Backstage Access

What is it?

Curated by industry professionals, Backstage Access is a one-of-a-kind event for technicians, stage managers, front of house and booking personnel to expand their knowledge and skills in the events and entertainment industry. Join us at the Northern Alberta Jubilee auditorium in Edmonton for the opportunity to hear from industry experts and foster the next generation of entertainment professionals.


Technology Showcase

Manufacturers and Distributors from around the world showing the newest in performance technology.

March 5 - 13:00 - 18:00  

 March 4 Evening  •  March 5 Afternoon • 


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MARCH 4- 4:00 - 9:30PM

Evening Audio Session​

Hands On Digital Console Summit  

Brought to you by Backstage Access and the CITT Alberta Section, this summit is intended to provide professionals, students and up-and-coming technicians an opportunity to mix a series of multitracks in a safe and stress-free environment. This summit is being led by four different veteran audio engineers with varying backgrounds. A short introduction and panel discussion describing various approaches, ideas, and philosophies of mixing audio led by our audio mentors. This will then make way for hands-on practical application of those very concepts in a wholly interactive workshop.

Meet in the front lobby of the Jubilee at 3:45 PM Monday March 4

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MARCH 5 1:30PM


Join a panel of experts to help you achieve your best performance. Learn tips and tricks for configuring your lighting console for  successful on-the-fly and festival operation. 

MARCH 5  3:30 PM

Microphones Panel -Q&A

Stay at the forefront of technological advances in microphone and signal path technology. Factory representatives from major manufacturers will discuss the newest innovations, and take your questions on any microphone issues you may be having. 


keeping your theatre current

Theatre Consultant Richard Schick and Jubilee Operation DirectorGerry Vanhezewyk lead you through an overview of keeping your venue infrastructure and equipment current. Learn how to schedule, manage and budget to keep your space in top shape. 

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WIreless audio

Wireless Digital Transmission & FM Analog transmission: Pros & Cons. 

Discuss similarities and differences between popular digital and FM based transmission systems. 


Watchout VIDEO

 Join Dan Plumtree as he leads you through the process of using Watchout Video System. Learn to compose and manage your video elements to create seamless video for your show.

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Consoles and Color-LED FIXTURES

Join the panel for a look at the current state of LED fixtures, where the industry is headed, and a look at how consoles are approaching color handling. 


 D&B audiotecknik will take you through the steps and demonstrate going from a mono to a fully immersive audio system. 

keeping your theatre safe

 This session will consist of a brief overview of the main components of a safety management system in Alberta, with a deeper dive into emergency response component. This will be followed by a round-table discussion of planned revisions to our industry’s Safe Stages guidelines.

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